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1. Place “Best vintage motorcycle”.
NSU 351 OT 1939 All these photos are taken about 20 years ago. I have now started to restore this motorcycle. Photos from the restoing will be taken so you can see little by little how the restoring is going forward.
29.12.2007 - December 2007 For about 15 years ago I started to restore my NSU. I overhauled the motor and repaintet a lot of parts, and then I packed the whole motorcycle in boxes. Now I have unpacked all the boxes, "found" all the parts again and I have also created a plan to get the bike finished. The first step is to get the motorcycle "on feet", therefore I started to build the wheels. The next step is to finish the front fork and the rest of the wheelparts, but I'll wait to next year... Happy New Year to evrybody...
24.01.2008 - Januar 2008   The end of January is here. There are a lot of components "around" the wheels and front fork which not are finished yet. But things take time and I will use the necessary time. To be continued... next month...
27.02.2008 - February 2008 Now I have cleaned, blasted and mounted a lot of lot of small parts for the wheels, front fork... The next step i to get new surface to all this small parts... But the spring is soon here and I will take a brake until November... Have a nice summer...
September 2009
All these photos are from a article in one of the lokal newspapers. All photos: Rune Johansen
After a too longe break I have now started the restoring again. New photos in the end of next month...
October 2009 Since last month i have been working with a lot of diffrent works... "Glass blasting" parts for "Nickel plating" and "lacquering"... The gearbox is soon repaired... The caburettor is finished... The Type plate is mounted... The battery box is “welded original”. Next month I have to go on with Nickel Plating, polishing, and mounting parts on the bike...
November 2009
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April 25.04.2010 2010 Rolling Thunder Spring Show...   1. Place “Peoples choise”. 1. Place “Best vintage motorcycle”.